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We are based in Swaziland, supplying the local market as well as the Mocambiquean areas in close proximity to the Swaziland Border. Our Broiler birds are best recognised as members of the Arbor Acre gene pool, an internationally recognized breed guaranteeing the highest quality poultry. While we do supply both our local and neighbouring markets, we are looking towards setting up complete replica operations in other African Countries. Ross Mackie is leading the charge with over a decade of experience in day-old chciks as well as the conventional rearing process. While the market is hugely prolific and highly competitive we have experienced positive growth in our own capacity as well as in the poultry market as a whole, and we look forward to another period of growth and expansion of our current operations.


  • Day-Old Broiler Suppliers
  • Arbor Acres Brand
  • Benchmarked Internationally
  • Passionate Poultry Patrons
  • Geared For Growth
  • Proudly Swazi
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  • Development Opportunity

    Regular increases have put pressure on an already pressurised local market. Times have turned, which leaves a gaping opportunity for Africa Chicks.

  • Swaziland Poultry Association

    Swaziland is in the process of resurrecting the Swaziland Poultry Association.

  • Consumer Consumption

    Swaziland is a traditionally beef eating country. We are slowly seeing the per capita consumption of chicken increase.

  • Issues + Challenges

    Swaziland has not exported frozen or fresh chicken in the last 3 years. This may explain our success both past and to come – being suppliers of day-old chicks.